Sara Trumza

 Neuroscience (Major)

Entrepreneurship, Italian (Minors)


Favorite class you took at Michigan:

Urban Entrepreneurship

In this class, my group and I were able to develop an idea that brought increased healthcare access to citizens of Detroit. I learned a lot about the intersection between healthcare and business, and it was very interesting to see how these two intertwined. The class also took a day-trip to Detroit to see the community and learn more about the city, which was super cool. 

When/How did you study for the MCAT: 

Kaplan books for content review, made ANKI cards with the content review material, used uWorld practice questions, and lots and lots of practice exams!


When did you take the MCAT: May 2021


What was your pre-med experience:

Being a student at Michigan has been an amazing experience, but being pre-med has definitely had its challenges. Having minors in entrepreneurship and Italian definitely diversified my schedule, which gave me different perspectives on various topics.
I had a challenging semester when I transferred to Michigan, but I kept my hopes up about continuing my pre-med education. Overall, my pre-med experience was incredibly insightful, and it was a journey that truly inspired and confirmed my desire to go into medicine.

What are your plans after graduation:  

I’m applying to medical school this cycle! In my gap year, I will be working as a medical assistant and interning for the Program of Multicultural Health at Michigan Medicine.

Recommendations/advice for current students:

Look for a supportive community of people who can relate what you’re experiencing as a pre-med. It can be so incredibly helpful to have people to talk to who understand your struggles and share the excitement of your achievements. Also, these 4 years truly fly by so look for activities you’re genuinely interested in. There is no point in doing something solely because you think it will look good on an application if you’re not enjoying it. It’ll be more worth it to engage in extracurriculars you’re passionate about – that is what will shine in your application. 

Keep an open mind about your experience as a pre-med. The journey comes with lots of unexpected setbacks and challenges, so it’s important to be flexible in order to overcome any obstacles. 

Being pre-med, especially at Michigan, can often seem daunting but keep going and push through the tough times! It will be worth it in the end!


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