Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Scheduling and Classeswould taking orgo 1 and anatomy 403 with english be manageable?
Avatarc asked 4 weeks ago

is this workload manageable? 

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AvatarDiamond Johnson answered 3 weeks ago

Hi C! 
When advising schedule planning, we typically advise registering for no more than two STEM courses per semester. If you do take two STEM courses, trying to balance out your schedule by taking courses to fulfill the U-M course requirements or your own Major(s)/ Minor(s) would be the recommendation. Orgo 1 is typically known for being a rather difficult and time-consuming course and Anatomy 403 is known for having a heavier course load than other courses. Taking an English course would be a great way to give your semester balance. 
Hopefully, that helps and good luck with the rest of your semester! 
~Diamond Johnson (PMH Advisor) 

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