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I had a question about winter 2022 scheduling. I am planning on taking Bio 172, Physics 150/151, and Psych 112. I am very limited in my options because I’m a freshman and most classes have been filled which is stressful, but I’m hoping this works out. With the Psych 112 class, do you think this will be too much in addition to bio and physics, or is it doable (considering my lack of options)? I already completed the FYWR this semester, so I can’t swap it with that instead, and SOC 100 and 102 are already filled as well.
Thank you for your help!

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Avataravery answered 1 year ago

Hi!  Have you taken Bio 171 yet? It is a well-known trend that you tend to do better in the second of the first-level bio lectures you take (so whether you take Bio 171 then 172 or 172 then 171, you will probably do better in the second one). So if you have taken Bio 171 already, I don\’t think you need to be as nervous to take Bio 172. Either way, as long as you stay on top of the lectures (and know what is going on in time for discussion), you should be good!  I\’m not sure about Psych 112 specifically as I haven\’t taken it, but most of the psych classes here are good classes to pair with harder pre-med classes — so I don\’t see that being an issue either.  Physics and Bio are both classes that are exam-centric, meaning that day-to-day you probably won\’t feel as much of a workload. I took Physics 135 (150 before they changed it) and I remember there being homework but nothing too crazy. Personally, my advice would be to try and make sure that not all your exams overlap and you should be good! But if they do happen to overlap, it is still definitely doable as long as you stay on top of the material, so that you are not cramming for multiple courses at the same time. Especially if this is the case, I would highly recommend resources like SLC study groups (available for both bio and physics) to help you stay on top of the material!  Good luck 🙂  Your PMH Advisor,Avery 

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