AvatarR asked 2 years ago

How does this schedule look?
Chem 215/216
Spanish 232
Bio 173
UROP (3 credits)

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 2 years ago

Hi there! If my calculations are correct, this would put you at 14 credits, including 11 hours of class plus 10-12 hours of research per week. You have some options here! If you are taking a similar amount of credits this semester and you feel like its very doable, you certainly have room to add a 3 credit humanities course or any other college requirement that you can get out of the way early. This would also be doable depending on what your extracurricular activities are – if you aren’t involved in too much outside of classes, definitely consider adding another low-workload course. If you are taking a similar amount of credits now and it feels like you’re close to your max, I would say stick to this schedule alone. It’s certainly not worth sacrificing your mental health, grades, or social well-being to try and get all your requirements out of the way early.
Other factors to consider when making your schedule include your major and its prerequisites, MCAT timing, and study habits. If you’d like to discuss these factors on a more individual level, feel free to ask another question of visit us in our drop in advising hours! I’d also recommend you make an appointment with a pre-health advisor ASAP if you haven’t already to discuss specific circumstances with them.
Best of luck! -Owen, PMH Co-president

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