AvatarArtha asked 2 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if I could get advice on this schedule for this coming semester: Biology 225/226, Physics 135/136, Psych 230, and a language. Would this be too overwhelming? Or is it possible?

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AvatarSara answered 2 years ago

Hi Artha! 
It’s usually recommended to limit yourself to 2 STEM classes per semester. Material taught in Biology 225 and Psych 230 often overlaps, so it might be helpful to take those 2 at the same time. However, be aware that both of these classes require ample time to study as there is a lot of information that’s covered. Adding Bio 226 to that should definitely be manageable, as it goes hand in hand with 225; however, I wouldn’t recommend taking Physics 135/136. The best way to prepare and learn for Physics 135 is to do a lot of practice problems, which will also take up a lot of time. I would recommend replacing Physics with a distribution to lighten your course-load. While this schedule is doable, it’s very important to leave time for yourself and for other extracurriculars you might want to get involved in! 
Sara, PMH Advisor 

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