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AvatarKat Young asked 3 years ago

I’ve just learned there are 3 different PCHEMS: chem 230, chem 260, and chem 370. What are the differences between these, which one best prepares you for the MCAT, and which one would you recommend taking? Thank you:)

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AvatarLindsay answered 3 years ago

Hi Kat!
Thank you for your question. We actually had a recent blog post that answers this very question.
In short…Dr. Gotfried is known to teach CHEM 230 in a way that specifically prepares students for the MCAT. However, CHEM 260 has prepared students well (though it is calc based). CHEM 370 is the most removed from MCAT relevancy (my own anecdote), but it has the smallest class size compared to CHEM 260 and 230 with a class size < 20 students.
Lastly, consider whether your major requires that you take a certain PCHEM.
I hope this answer and link to our blog post help you! You are also welcome to come to our drop-in advising hours to talk to a peer-adviser in person. I will be hosting advising from on 1/12, 6 – 8 PM at 1469 Mason Hall, though we do not have all our hours listed yet. We will be posting hours and locations this weekend for the weeks of January 12th and so on, so keep an eye out for that.
Best wishes,
Lindsay (Co-president)

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