Pre-Med Q&ACategory: Scheduling and ClassesWhich class is easier to take with MCDB 310?
AvatarPriyal asked 2 years ago

I’m planning on taking MCDB 310, Anthrbio 365, and UROP (3 credits) next semester. For my final class, would it be easier to take BIO 225 or Physics 235/236?

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AvatarElizabeth Lee answered 2 years ago

Hi Priyal! That depends on how you would like to balance your schedule. Both MCDB 310 and BIO 225 are memorization heavy classes, while Physics 235/236 is more analytical. If you want a balance of memorization and math, Physics 235/236 may be a good choice. If you are ok with taking a memorization heavy semester, BIO 225 would fit that. Also, if you’re taking Physics 135/136 this semester, it may be a good choice to take 235/236 next semester because they build upon each other. This could prevent any future difficulty recalling concepts, and it may help you solidify your knowledge for the MCAT. Something else to take into consideration is what STEM courses you have left to take for future semesters, and how you want to balance those. Maybe Physics 235/236 would work better with a course you’re taking 2 semesters from now, or vice versa. Finally, it would be helpful to think about whether you have a preference for a 5 credit vs 3 credit course, and whether one would fit better in your next semester or future schedules. 
I hope this helped–good luck with your courses next semester!
Elizabeth, PMH advisor

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