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Avatarani asked 3 years ago

As an incoming freshman, I was wondering how far into the year students would be expected to have their own research/volunteering/shadowing programs finalized. When are students expected to complete their hours in these programs, and how easy is it for students to find research/volunteering/shadowing programs. Could joining a pre-med fraternity or being in the LSA honors program increase your access to these programs, or is there another way for students to get more opportunities in these areas?

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AvatarJudy Huynh answered 3 years ago

There is no set date to when you are expected to find any of these opportunities. Of course, it is better to find one early on so you can establish a long-term relationship or have time to find something else if you realized you may not find it interesting. For research, you can join UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program) your freshman or sophomore year.– It is a great way to get guidance for finding research as well as get credit. We also have a blog on research that may help if you want to find research on your own– 
There are plenty of places to volunteer. You would have to check with the organizations to see when you can apply such as U of M’s hospital, but other places are on a rolling basis. There are also clubs you can join that focuses on volunteering! Keep an eye out for them during festifall. Joining a pre-med fraternity or LSA honors program can make it easier to find these opportunities but is definitely not necessary. I hope this helps; let me know if you have any more questions.
-Judy (PMH advisor) 

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