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AvatarCoursepack asked 3 years ago

When is the best time to look over the coursepack? Like 2 weeks before the exam, every day, when I finish ___ chapters, etc?

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AvatarLeen answered 3 years ago

My recommendation is to look over it as you go, meaning work through a page or two daily. This will allow you to constantly test your knowledge and show you how much you actually understood from the lectures. Even though you will not be able to do all the questions in the beginning, going through them and identifying the ones you can answer helps you recognize the chapter concepts quicker when they’re in a problem format. In addition, doing just a little bit of practice every day will allow you to build stronger problem-solving skills (which is essentially what orgo aims to teach you).
In general, the coursepack allows you to become familiar with the format of exam questions, practice applying the information to solve a problem, and show you your weaknesses/mistakes and give you the chance to correct them before the exam. If you wait to do the coursepack until before the exam, you may not benefit as much and will likely not be able to solve all the questions since there are so many. On the other hand, if you want to use the coursepack to take “mock exams” (take 5 pages and answer them in 90 minutes), you can leave some pages unfinished for that purpose. 
I hope that helps! Feel free to ask us any other questions.
Leen, PMH Advisor

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