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AvatarIsabelle Harber asked 2 years ago

I planned to take BIO 225 in the fall semester but it seems like the chances of me getting into the class are pretty low because the section’s already closed, technically, and there’s a waitlist (I don’t know if the waitlist has a limit…). If I can’t get into this class, what other class should I take? I would like it to be another pre-med science, ideally. (I have already taken orgo I and II, bio 173, and stats. In the fall, I had planned for my other classes to be physics 150/151 (formerly 135/136), econ 101, slavic 290, and UROP for credit. My intended major is BHS at this point.)

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AvatarHaitong answered 2 years ago

Hello Isabelle,  First, I just first want to assure you that not getting into BIO225 is okay. I personally have to reschedule that class three times before I can finally take it, so don\’t stress about that too much. But I would still suggest you get on the waitlist (you never know). Since you have already taken orgo 1 and orgo 2, and you are also taking physics 1 as well as some non-science classes next semester, another class I think you can consider taking would be chem230 (if you want to advance in chem sequence and you are relatively comfortable with physics). Other classes you can considering taking as an intended BHS major could be other Group A courses like Bio 205 or Bio 207. If you want to discuss it further, feel free to come to our office hours which are 6 pm-9 pm this Sunday and next Mondy through Wednesday. I hope this is somewhat useful and good luck with your course selection and upcoming finals! 
PMH Advisor Haitong 

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