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AvatarMadison Konja asked 9 months ago

I am wondering what exactly counts for your science gpa when applying through AMCAS. Is it any course that has a natural science tag on it (for example: psych 230, psych 240…etc.) or would I have to put those as psychology on my application and not count it towards the science gpa. Also, my research is labeled under psychology as well – but it is a blend of physiology and neuroscience (which I know would typically be under science gpa) – what would be the best way to categorize this? Thanks in advance!

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AvatarJasmine Bhatti answered 9 months ago

Hi Madison!
Thanks for reaching out!
In general, I would say that Neuroscience classes like Psych 230 and Psych 240 should count as part of your science GPA. This file from the AAMC shows a more comprehensive list of subjects that don’t easily fit into the categories of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Math, but would still count as part of your science GPA.
So, when assessing which classes to include for your science GPA, the UM department of the class (ex: “Psych” vs “Biol”) doesn’t really matter to admissions staff; it’s more so about the whether actual content of the course is science-related.
I hope this helps, but feel free to ask any more questions for clarification!

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