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I am trying to get a BHS major on a pre med track. Currently I am enrolled in WGS400 because it fits my major, is ULWR, and the atlas profile showed a good grade distribution (around 80% A/A+). Being in the class now, it seems like it could be difficult because there is a 15-18 page paper due at the end of the course with heavy reading every week. There is another course that fits BHS called WGS220. It is not an ULWR, and the atlas profile shows a worse but still pretty good grade distribution (about 55% A/A+). Does anyone know whether or not WGS400 is actually easier/less work than WGS220?

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AvatarMiranda Baumbick answered 5 months ago

Hi Markus,
I am also a BHS major on the pre-med track! Since the WGS 400 class is an ULWR, I believe that is why there is a large writing assignment due at the end of the semester. In most ULWR classes, you will have a larger assignment like this one. If the median grade for WGS 220 is relatively the same, then I would base your decision on if you want to get your ULWR out of the way or not. 
Another thing to consider are the course requirements, which are listed below:
Weekly reading requirements, 3 short (1-3 page) papers, final project, 4 quizzes
In the WGS 220 class, you’d still end up writing roughly 9 pages, so about half compared to the other course.
I hope this was helpful!
Miranda, PMH Advisor

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