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AvatarZoha Khan asked 2 years ago

Hi! I was wondering if there are some virtual initiatives available for undergrads to volunteer, that can count towards clinical hours, such as calling patients and checking in, along those lines. 

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AvatarHanin Elhagehassan answered 2 years ago

There are various virtual initiatives that students can do online; I don’t believe many are clinical as that would involve being in a medical/health-based environment. However, I would think calling patients would count as patient hours.
In terms of a job where you call and check-in with patients, I would suggest looking at the recently posted jobs on the UM-employment website. ( They’re always posting new jobs, and I believe I had seen some office-based virtual jobs through Michigan Medicine that involve calling patients when I checked a day ago.
Additionally, PMH has multiple resources that link to virtual experiences. I’ll link some here and here.
You may also have some luck looking for some volunteer positions here.

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