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I had a question for anyone who has had experience with doing UROP for credit (not pay). Does UROP count as graded coursework, or is it just marked as “credit received” on an official transcript? 
Thank you!

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AvatarArjun Batra answered 9 months ago

Hi! Thanks for your question. 
I did UROP my freshman year for course credit (I think I did it for 2 credits per semester), and I received a letter grade for it. I believe this is the case for all UROP seminars, since UROP is its own course. But I would ask either your UROP peer facilitator or your academic advisor for a more concrete answer in case the policies have changed. 
If you have any follow-up questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Enjoy your research!
Arjun, PMH Advisor

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