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AvatarAnonymous asked 1 year ago

Are there any upper level biology lectures and labs that are considered easy A’s? 

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AvatarCaitlin answered 1 year ago

Hi there!
It is hard to classify lectures and labs as easy A’s, especially when they fall into the category of upper level biology. To gauge whether a class is manageable, we typically look at the atlas profile and see what the median grade is, in addition to student’s perceived workload of the class. That being said, the following classes all have ‘A’ medians and relatively low workload, compared to classes of equal credit.
Mcdb 401 Advanced Topics in Biology
Mcdb 408 Genomic Biology
Mcdb 411 Protein Structure
Mcdb 420 (Biophys 420) Structural Biology
Mcdb 423 Neurobiology Lab
Mcdb 452 The Visual System
We encourage you to examine the hyperlinked atlas profiles in detail to see what would work best. Other subjects to explore besides MCDB include biology, physiology, (some) EEB, microbiology, anatomy, etc.
Thanks for the question!
PMH Advisor

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