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AvatarPat asked 3 years ago

I a, having trouble trying to find an upper level bio lab and what would really be cinsired as one. I have heard 200 level labs may count but are not the best and some schools may not consider that upper level. I am just wondering if any other suggestions for upper level labs and if any dint need a lecture. My 2nd question regards to an exit ticket I saw for Pooja and I saw she went back to take chem 125,126,130 and was wondering if this is because a school did not accept ap credit or the exemption letttrt by the university? Thanks 

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AvatarTina answered 3 years ago

Hi Pat,
I found a list of a lot of upper level biology labs on page 3 of this document and it seems to me that you can take some of them without a lecture, since they only require BIOLOGY 173 as a prereq and no co-enrollment.
As for your second question, Pooja went back to take CHEM 125, 126, and 130 because the Biomolecular Science major requires students to either take those three classes or CHEM 245, 246/247, and the latter series did not fit in her schedule. 
Also, just in general, I’ve found MSAR through the AAMC to be super helpful in figuring out what types of credits medical schools accept and would advise looking into purchasing it- especially with the possibility of having to take some courses online. However, a subscription only lasts for two years, so keep that in mind!

Hope this helps,
Tina, PMH advisor

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