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I placed out of bio 171/172 and I’ve already taken bio 225. I was told I need 2 upper level bio courses. I was wondering if eeb 380 would count, and if anyone had any alternate recommendations.

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AvatarJaveria answered 3 weeks ago

Hey! Thanks for your question! 
Starting off, upper-level biology classes usually need to fall into the following categories: anatomy, physiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, or microbiology. Since EEB 380 (Evolution) does not, I would suggest choosing an alternative course. There are a wide variety of upper-level biology courses available to choose from, such as: 

  1. BIOLOGY 305 (Genetics) 
  2. ANATOMY 403 (Human Anatomy: Structure and Function) 
  3. BIOLOGY 207 (Microbiology) 
  4. EEB 341 (Parasitology with Lab) 

I am going to link you to the advising website for a more comprehensive list of courses: https://lsa.umich.edu/prehealth/prepare/academics.  
I also want to add that it is important you take at least two biology laboratory courses if you have not already(the exact amount varies based on the school you apply for but two is recommended). BIO 173 is a good option and it consists of a fairly light course load! 
Feel free to respond to this thread if you have any more questions about the courses or attend drop in advising hours on zoom! 
Best of luck 
-Javeria (PMH Advisor) 

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