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Do medical schools see all of your grades regardless of whether you choose to unmask them or not? Also, how would you go about unmasking grades? I was thinking of unmasking the pre-med requirements but unmasking my other classes if they\\\\\\\’d bring down my GPA. 

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AvatarLindsay answered 3 years ago

Thank you for the question. Please see “Q3” here, for how to unmask grades. You will be able to see what letter grade you would get if you unmask your grade in Wolverine Access, and you will be able to selectively chose which grades you want to unmask (ie. you can unmask one class’ grade without unmasking the others).
Medical schools will not see all of your letter grades from Winter 2020 unless you unmask them all. Unmasking grades means that a letter grade will show up on your official transcript (official transcripts are sent to medical schools) instead of a P = pass or NRC = no record covid. However, some medical schools may require you to unmask grades from certain classes taken during Winter 2020, so please visit school websites for school specific requirements about grade unmasking. For example, X medical school may required biochemistry grades to be unmasked if taken during Winter 2020, but Y medical school may accept a “Pass.” Keep in mind that the unmaking deadline is July 1, 2020, so it would be in your best interest to check the website of the schools you are most interested in applying to so you can determine which grades, if any, are worth unmasking from Winter 2020.
I hope this answered your questions!
Lindsay Ma (Pre-Med Hub Alumni)

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