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AvatarNora asked 4 years ago

I graduated in 2014 but want to try pursue a career in Medicine. Is it still possible to participant in such extracirruclar programs? I regret not joining clubs as an undergrad.
Thanks for the help

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AvatarLindsay answered 4 years ago

Hi Nora,
its really never to late to pursue a career in medicine, although I could imagine that some student orgs limit their membership to currently enrolled students. That being said, getting into medical school doesn’t require you to have been in any particular clubs. Rather, some clubs make it easier for pre-medical students to gain experience in required/encouraged areas such as patient interaction, shadowing, etc. There are plenty of ways to get in a hospital, volunteer, shadow, and/or do research without the association of a UM club, so definitely follow your interest in becoming a doctor if you would like! Medical schools don’t look for older applicants in particular, but we are seeing a trend of average medical student entering age being higher since older applicants tend to have more life experience and wisdom (which is favorable). 
Good luck! Feel free to stop by at advising hours if you would like to chat some more in person.

AvatarHaniyeh answered 4 years ago

Hi Nora,  It is never late to pursue your passion through volunteering and extracurricular activities. You can email your targeted student organizations and ask them if you can be involved in their activities as an alumna. I am currently taking gap years, but I am involved in student organizations such as KDSAP.  Also, you do not have to join traditional student organizations as a mean of extracurricular involvement. You can find other opportunities outside the student organizations such as volunteering at a local clinic/hospital/hospice. This website may also help you find volunteering opportunities that match your interest: I hope this helps you find some opportunities, but if you have more questions, please feel free to stop by our office hours. I will be happy to help. 
Best of luck! 
Haniyeh (peer advisor)

AvatarNora answered 3 years ago

Thank you guys for the answers and support!

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