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AvatarKaitlyn asked 2 months ago

I was wondering if there are any upper level biology lecture and lab classes that are offered in Spring 2023?

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AvatarBushra answered 2 months ago

Hi Kaitlyn, 
I hope you are doing well! The best way to see what upper-level biology lectures and lab classes are offered in Spring 2023 would be by looking at the course guide. On the course guide, switch the term to Spring 2023 and the subject to biology. By filtering the course guide like this, you will be able to see the various biology courses that are available. Through this search, I found a few different upper-level biology courses such as bio 226 and bio 305. There are a few more courses offered, but O would recommend looking through the course guide to figure out which course you are interested in. Hope this helped!
If you would like more clarification, stop by our advising hours from 6-10 pm, Sunday-Thursday. 
Bushra (PMH Advisor) 

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