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AvatarReem Fawaz asked 3 years ago

Hi! I am a current freshman, and I’m really interested in transferring to UMich’s School of Public Health for my junior and senior year. Is there anyone who is in it currently or who graduated that I can contact and ask how their experience was? 
Thank you!

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AvatarLakshmi answered 3 years ago

Hi Reem,
I’m currently a rising junior in the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health Sciences program! Although I have recently transferred into the School of Public Health, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far due to the collaborative student environment, the abundance of extracurricular opportunities and experienced faculty, along with the number of classes available for undergraduates to take. Applications for SPH are due early in the Winter semester of your sophomore year (in January/February), and applicants typically receive decisions within a couple of months before registration for the fall semester begins. There are two programs, the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health Sciences and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Community and Global Public Health, and applicants specify which program they are interested in on their applications. There are certain major specific requirements, the notable one being that the BA degree requires fourth-term proficiency in a foreign language, however students from both programs are allowed to take classes from the other respective program. The prerequisite courses for admission to the program include: Public Health 200, Stats 250, First Year Writing Requirement, a minimum of 3 credits in the Social Sciences and Humanities, or Creative Expression, and a minimum of 3 credits in Life Sciences coursework. SPH also offers information sessions throughout the year that I highly recommend attending, and more information about the application process can be found here.
Let me know if you have any other questions – my email is!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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