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I know a lot of friends taking their MCAT in january, but I’ve been told to wait until spring. We’re all in the same graduation class, would it give me an advantage to take the MCAT early like them?

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Hi Rebecca,


Thanks for your question! The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you should take the MCAT when YOU FEEL READY. Don’t feel obliged to take the MCAT when you originally scheduled to take it. Take it when you feel confident enough to get the best score you can get possible. The advantages to taking the MCAT in January include having more time to start on your medical school application essays and having a less stressful winter semester before you apply to medical school. You could potentially get some last minute volunteering hours in or clinical shadowing hours in during this semester. However, if you do take the January MCAT, note that you will be taking the MCAT at the beginning of the winter semester, so it may be difficult to take the MCAT just as classes are starting the rev up for the semester.


— Margarete

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