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AvatarAnon asked 2 years ago

 I made the mistake of taking an algebra-based physics at a community college this semester. I was wondering how much physics 135 is used in physics 235. I would drop the community college class, but then it would look like I am taking an easy course load this semester. What should I do?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, I think taking an algebra-based physics is sufficient enough to prepare you for physics 235. Physics 135, in fact, is also an algebra-based physics course as well. So you are fine taking that physics class in replace of physics 135 (make sure to double-check with your pre-med advisor on that). There is not too much content from 135 that is used for 235. 235 is more on other physics topics that are not covered in 135. So I personally think you should not worry about this. If you want to discuss this further, feel free to come to office hours, we are happy to help you!
PMH Haitong 

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