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AvatarE asked 10 months ago

Hey! So I’ve already taken orgo 1 and orgo 2 and placed out of general chemistry using AP credits. However, I’ve recently learned that some schools may not take AP chemistry credit. I was just wondering if anyone else here has taken the CHEM 130/125/126 course after CHEM 210 and 215, and if that’s ok to do since it’ll be out of order. I also plan on taking CHEM 230 or 260 as part of my second semester inorganic chemistry requirement.

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AvatarRaheem Ahmed answered 9 months ago

I hope you are doing well! While some medical schools may not take AP Chemistry credit, those are usually a minority and shouldn’t severely hinder where you can apply. Additionally, since AP Chemistry usually provides credit for General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II at other universities (where it only provides credit for our only General Chemistry course), many medical schools will consider CHEM 230/CHEM 260 as an additional inorganic chemistry course and won’t require anything more.
However, if you still want to take CHEM 130, it is definitely okay to do so. While there is an “sequence” that many students take, CHEM 130 doesn’t need to be completed before CHEM 210/215 and it can definitely be taken after those two. While it may be a little bit more uncommon to do it that way, there is no problem in doing so.
I hope this helps! Feel free to follow up on this Q&A post or make another post if you have any further questions!
Raheem, PMH Co-President

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