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AvatarMeghna Duvoor asked 3 years ago

Hi, I am trying to plan out my Fall semester and was thinking about taking Orgo I + lab and Physics II + lab together. I will be taking Physics I at my local university over the summer. I have heard a lot of things about Physics II and I am feeling nervous about it. On top of that I want to take a sociology class (for the sociology in health and medicine minor) and a 3-credit humanities course to finish my humanities distribution. I am unsure if that is too much of a workload. I am trying not to take any more spring/ summer classes and take the MCAT the spring of junior year. 

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AvatarJudy answered 3 years ago

Orgo l + lab and Physics ll + lab will be time-consuming. While labs may not be as difficult as the classes, you still have 2-3 hours for each lab per week, lab assignments, and quizzes. Essentially you are already taking 4 classes. I would choose either the sociology or humanities for your fall semester but not both. Since your priority is taking the MCAT in the spring of your junior year, it is better to have more time to focus and do well in these pre-med classes. With good time management, you will definitely be fine! 
Judy (PMH advisor) 

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