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AvatarViraj Chegu asked 1 year ago

Hi! I’m thinking of taking Physics 240/241 and Math 116 over the summer. Will my letter grade (A,B,C) be shown to med schools and will it impact my GPA? Or, will it be like an AP Exam and only show as a transfer credit?

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AvatarSelina Lu answered 1 year ago

Hi Viraj!
If you choose to take the equivalents of Physics 240/241 and Math 116 over the summer at a different institution outside of UofM, then they will be marked as transfer credits or a “T” on your UofM transcript and do not count towards your GPA. This will apply if you choose to transfer your credits back to UofM which will involve sending your transcript to the registrar and I would recommend going over this process with a general advisor before you do so! However, I believe grades DO transfer over between different UofM campuses such as if you were to take a class at UM Dearborn. While your grades from outside institutions may not show up on your UofM transcript, medical schools may still want to see your grades and may require you to send in all transcripts from all institutions you’ve taken classes at. With this in mind, these classes still have potential to count towards your overall and science GPA as calculated by the AAMC. Thus, I would recommend trying your best to earn good grades nonetheless. I hope this answered your question and feel free to drop by advising hours or create another post if you have further concerns!
Selina, PMH Advisor

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