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AvatarStella asked 3 years ago

I’m going to be taking biochem this Fall and wanted advice/tips on how to approach the class considering biochem is a large topic on the MCAT. This course gets a very bad rep, so I’m nervous, but want to get the most of it so that I can simplify my MCAT studying.

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AvatarTina answered 3 years ago

Hi Stella!
MCDB 310 is heavily memory-based, meaning that it isn’t an easy class to study for in a couple of days. I found that consistently working at memorizing and understanding the material was super beneficial for me when I took the class.
To break it down, this was my approach to the class and what worked for me: 
(1) I printed the slides out and before lecture started, briefly looked over the material to mentally prepare myself for what was being taught
(2) I wrote down every important thing that the professor said that wasn’t explicitly stated on the slides
I personally really liked printing out the slides because I wrote less (whatever was on the slide didn’t have to be written) and was able to listen to the lecture more without having to worry about jotting down a lot of what the prof said. 
(3) If there were certain areas of the lecture that I know I didn’t catch, I would rewatch that part and jot down more notes
(4) I would transcribe my notes as well as the information off of the slides into a notebook and read them over and over again, and rewrite the parts that I was having issues with until I knew the information was in my head 
I would try to complete transcribing two lectures per week and start reviewing the material over the weekend.
I would also like to stress talking about the material! I went to office hours weekly and reviewed the material before going to my SLC study group so I knew what I wanted to discuss to get the most out of those sessions. 
Biochem is definitely a huge part of the MCAT, but I found that approaching MCDB 310 the way I did ensured that I retained a lot of the information covered, which helped me out in the long-run! This is by no means the “right” way to approach the class, but I hope it gives you an idea as to what you can do!
Best of luck,
Tina, PMH Advisor

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