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Avatarsophomore asked 2 years ago

I don’t know where to start for studying BIO 225- I just read the textbook and took notes. How do I succeed in the course and does anyone have any specific pointers?
Thank you!

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AvatarNick Pfeifer answered 2 years ago

I took BIO 225 a year ago, so I understand your initial concern since the class itself is more memory-based as opposed to a typical problem-solving STEM class like Orgo. I checked the LSA course guide, and I see the class is still being taught online. I am not sure if they changed this policy, but last year they allowed exams to be open book/note, which made studying less stressful. Either way, I would suggest continuing what you are already doing: briefly reading the textbook to get the main ideas of what lecture will cover (props to you for doing this because a bunch of students don’t) and taking good notes. From there, you could utilize the problems at the end of each chapter for additional practice, and near exam time, they will release a practice exam, which you should definitely use to your advantage as I remember the practice exams being pretty similar to the real ones. Being in BIO 225, you probably already know what SLC study groups are, so I would finally suggest joining one of those if you want to see more practice problems and be able to test your knowledge with others. Overall, though, no need to stress too too much about this class because there are much bigger STEM giants to deal with. Just review a bit each day and you should be more than fine! Good luck this semester. Feel free to follow up if you have any other questions.
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