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Avatarowen asked 3 years ago

Is taking stats, lifescience physics1, bio225, and fywr all in the same semester do-able (with physics and bio labs)? How would the workload be? I’ve heard that stats 250 and bio225 are pretty hard but I’m not sure about physics. I haven’t taken intro biology lecture courses here at Michigan because I got IB credit, so I’d assume I would need to review a fair bit this summer. Would it be better to try to get into bio 222 (long waitlist now) and wait on 225? Based on grade distributions it seems to be a bit easier than 225 and I didn’t find psych 230 hard at all.

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AvatarRuchira answered 3 years ago

I would definitely not recommend taking stats 250, physics 135, Bio 225, and fywr at the same time even if you don’t take the labs. Usually, we don’t recommend taking more than 2 STEM classes at one time, especially if you are an underclassmen. Furthermore, the difficulty of the FYWR depends greatly on the professor grading you. I would suggest taking:
Bio 225 or Bio 222
Stats 250 or Physics 135
Bio 226
for a well balanced semester. If you are not doing undergraduate research, you may also be able to take Physics lab.
Bio 222 will probably be easier than Bio 225 for you, because it is slightly less time intensive and covers a lot of the same material as Psych 230, while it is a bit more difficult as a class than Psych 230.Even if you switched Bio 225 and Bio 222, I still wouldn’t recommend your initial course plan.
I hope this helps!

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