AvatarAnna Osborne asked 3 years ago

Hello! I’m a freshman and considering taking PHYSICS135/136 during spring term and then waiting until the following spring term (spring after my sophmore year) to take PHYSICS235/236. Do you think the material connects too much for this large of a break? Would I be better off taking it at the same time as orgo?

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Avatarlindsay answered 3 years ago

Hi Anna!
Thanks for your question. The physics department says themselves that PHYSICS 135/136 and 235/236 are different enough that you could take them very far apart and still be just fine. It’s actually not uncommon that students take PHYSICS 135/136 freshman year and wait a year or two before they can fit in PHYSICS 235/236 in to their schedule. In contrast, we highly recommend that orgo 1 be taken back to back with orgo 2 since the content of the two courses are highly related.
Hope this is helpful!
Lindsay (PMH Co-President)

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