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Avatargrateful student asked 3 years ago

Hi there! I\’m a incoming junior who is a bit behind on taking her prerequisites so I am trying to be as efficient with scheduling as possible while also not setting myself up to fail. Would taking bio 225, chem 210 and lab and either a 400 level econ with an A- average and 27% workload be doable for spring semester? I could switch out the econ for an easier humanities if the first option seems to be too much. I heard bio 225 is mostly memorization which seems ok but orgo 1 is tough so I am conflicted.  Thank you!

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 3 years ago

Hi! At first glance, Bio 225, Chem 210 & 211, plus the Econ class seems quite heavy for a spring semester. If the Econ class is 3 credits, you would be maxed out on credits with 9 for the semester (similar to taking 18 credits during a fall/winter semester). Being that you’re behind on prereqs, you might need to have some 18 credit semesters in the future, but I think we can find a better balance than what’s planned right now for this spring semester.
I would definitely advise taking Chem 210 (of all your proposed classes) during the spring, as this is a common prerequisite for many upper level classes, and the professor for spring term is Nolta who is great. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to take 211 with 210, you can take the lab after if it helps lighten your load and doesn’t create too much stress for future semesters. I would also recommend swapping the Econ course for an easier humanities course if you have one in mind that help fulfill the humanities requirement, as this will also help balance your workload. So if you end up taking Chem 210, Bio 225, and a humanities course, that will still be a lot of class time and you’ll have to spend plenty of time memorizing concepts and facts and studying for exams, so I would definitely recommend that you don’t have too much else planned during this spring term.
Here’s a link to one of our blog posts where our recent E-Board members discuss their best and worst semesters. Take a look to see how your proposed semesters line up!
If you’d like to get a more personal response or want to work through your plan for the next two years with an advisor, feel free to drop by our live chat here on the website, Sunday-Wednesday, 6-10 PM! -Owen, PMH Co-President

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