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AvatarAnon asked 4 years ago

Hi! I have my first exams for a few courses coming up and I was wondering whether it is too late to join a study group. My friends that are in these groups have mentioned that they receive a lot of extra resources and practice, and I think I would want to take advantage as well if possible.  

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AvatarAnni answered 4 years ago

Hi there!
It’s not too late to join a study group! Profs usually recommend that you join study groups at the beginning of the class to a) give you the best chance of getting a spot, and b) so you can derive the maximum benefit. However, if there are still spots available for the class, go for it. I joined two after my first orgo II and genetics tests and they were still super helpful because they helped me maintain a regular study schedule plus the facilitators have a ton of worksheets and exercises for you to refer to for practice. If you have friends who are already in study groups, as around and see if they have facilitators who they recommend, since some have been facilitating  that specific class for awhile. I would ask about how they structure the group’s time and if they took the class with the same professor, since each prof asks test questions differently. 
Good luck!

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