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AvatarSanjana Mallavarapu asked 3 years ago

So I’m going to be a freshman this fall at the U of M and was not sure if I should use my AP Bio credit. I took AP Bio in my sophomore year of high school and got a 4 on the exam (I maybe think I could’ve gotten higher as I know I freaked out real bad on the day of the test). I have already taken AP Chem and Anatomy and Physiology in high school and have had a very heavy bio background with extracurriculars. I honestly do not want to take 171 and 172, but I’m scared that since I last took AP Bio in sophomore year I won’t be prepared as well for upper level bio. I was wondering if not taking 171 and 172 would impact me that much GPA wise or if you guys think I should take it? And I was also wondering if Bio 171 and 172 is just like AP Biology? 

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AvatarKaran Joseph answered 3 years ago

Hi Sanjana,
I wouldn’t recommend taking the AP Bio sequence if you can avoid it. I was in a similar position and I decided to opt out of 171/172. The next time I took a biology class was my sophomore year of college and I was able to do well in both biolchem 415 and bio 225. 
From what I understand 171 and 172 are similar to AP Biology. Regardless, 171 and 172 will probably be more work than AP Bio. Don’t forget that you will still need to take Bio 173 so you will have some bio experience before taking an upper level biology class. Let us know if you have any other questions! Good luck! 
Karan, Co-President

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