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AvatarK asked 3 years ago

I was wondering if MATH 116 is required for medical school? I saw that medicals schools have a math requirement, but it is usually one year of math with any variation of calculus and statistics and I took STATS 250 and MATH 115.
I saw the MATH 116 is a requirement for General Physics 2, but I’m planning on taking the Physics for Life Science route.
Is there other pre-med classes that have MATH 116 as a requirement? Will it put me at a disadvantage for MCAT/applying to medical school for not taking MATH 116? 

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AvatarLakshmi Meyyappan answered 3 years ago

In my experience, most medical schools don’t require Calculus 2, and I have attached a document here that summarizes the schools that have math requirements. Like you have said, many of these schools require 1 year of math, which can consist of Calculus 1 and a Statistics course. I also took the Physics for Life Sciences route (Physics 135 and 235) and Math 115 is an advisory pre-requisite for these classes, which you have completed. Calculus isn’t explicitly tested on the MCAT, and any Calculus knowledge you may need for certain Physics questions would be covered in Math 115. There are no other pre-med classes that require Calculus II, so I would check to see if your intended major or degree program requires you to take Math 116.
I hope this helps!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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