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AvatarParanoid Student asked 3 years ago

Should I be careful when choosing a professor for Chem 210/Orgo 1? (Or do they all have the same exact tests with the same exact grading scale)
I’m currently enrolled in an 8am lecture with a professor not on Rate my Professor, but there’s an opening for a 3-4pm class with a 4.36 rated professor on Rate my Professor. 
I love the free time the 8am gives me, but should I take the risk and keep it or should I switch to the known professor’s lecture?

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AvatarHaitong answered 3 years ago

Hi! Thank you for asking the question! The short answer to the question is: No. You can go to any professors\’ lectures as long as you are free during the class period (Even if you are not free, you can watch the video recording of other professors on Canvas)since the only grading component for the class are the four exams and attendance is not taken into account. The tests and the grading scale are the same for all organic chemistry classes in one semester, so it is not dependent on the professor you have. The class is not on a curve and that set percentages decide your grade. e.g. 80%+ for A-/A/A+ etc. 

My suggestion on whether to switch professors is to try both professors and see which one fits you better. Though rate my professor is a good source, it is always the best when you personally take the professor\’s class and see whether you like it or not. I sometimes find professors with lower ratings easier to understand for my personal style of learning. After you tried both professors, see which one you personally like and then just go along with that professor\’s lecture. I hope you find the answer helpful and good luck in orgo! 

Haitong, PMH advisor

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