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AvatarChristina asked 6 months ago

Hi all! I’m a senior who’s late to the premed game. By this upcoming winter semester I’ll have completed bio prereqs and orgo. I’m graduating this year and planning on taking the remaining courses I need at WCC for financial reasons. I’m wondering if you have any guidance on which courses to take there. The issue I’m running into is what combination of Gen chem 1, orgo 2, and bio chem to take where. Tentatively right now I’m leaning Orgo 2 and Gen chem at umich in my last semester? Any thoughts? Is it better to take bio chem at umich or is that something I’m fine doing at CC in which case I’d do bio chem and Gen chem 1 at umich in my last semester (and Orgo II at WCC as needed given many schools accept biochem instead). Thank you!!!

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AvatarJasmine Bhatti answered 6 months ago

Hi Christina!
Thank you so much for your question.
I have heard of some people taking Orgo 2 at a different institution and generally being okay, so I would probably recommend taking that at WCC. Although I am not sure if this is a big deal, I would just try to see what the syllabus for Orgo 2 at WCC looks like just to make sure that you aren’t ending Orgo 1 in one area and then starting in a completely different topic. Then, if needed you could try to brush up on some things that you might have missed. 
Another factor to consider is when you will be taking your MCAT. Since biochemistry is one of the most heavily tested topics, advisors often recommend that you take biochem one (or two) semester(s) before you take your exam, just so it’s fresh in your mind. So, depending on when you plan to take your MCAT, you might want to take biochem accordingly. I would also say that Orgo 2 isn’t super heavily tested on the MCAT compared to biochemistry, so it might be more worthwhile to take biochem here as opposed to Orgo. 
I do think either situation would be fine though!
I hope this at least somewhat helps, but feel free to post another question or stop by our advising hours during the week!
-Jasmine, PMH advisor

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