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AvatarPeter Chang asked 6 months ago

I’m considering not taking Soc 100 at U-M and self-studying Sociology to make time for extracurriculars. Does anyone have any advice on whether this is a good idea, or if Soc 100 was a very useful class for their MCAT performance?

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AvatarCate answered 6 months ago

Hi Peter, 
I hope you are doing well! I took the MCAT this past summer. One of my majors is sociology, so of course I have taken sociology courses. However, I would say I did not use an extensive amount of my previous knowledge (besides a few general theories). Instead, I found an anki deck online (I used the Milesdown deck) and studied using that. There is also a useful quizlet called Psych/Soc 132 scorer that I found helpful for my last couple days of review. I do think you could successfully self-study sociology. 
With that being said, a few med schools recommend, or even require that you take an introductory sociology course as a prerequisite. If you are considering not taking sociology at all, I would look at the requirements for the schools you are currently interested in and make sure that they do not require it. For example, MSU requires three credits of social sciences. 
I hope this helped! If you have any more questions, feel free to drop by our office hours or reply to this response. 
-Cate, PMH Co-President

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