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AvatarAnkita Patel asked 2 years ago

I have to choose between animal physiology and microbiology and I for some reason have anxiety that if I don’t take microbio this semester, I wont get the chance to next semester. Do you think I should drop animal physiology to take microbio or should I just wait for winter semester?

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AvatarLakshmi answered 2 years ago

Hey Ankita,
Looking at Atlas, it looks like Microbiology is typically offered year-round throughout every semester, same with Animal Physiology. Since both classes will be offered winter semester, it’s up to you and what works best for your schedule. Both classes are fairly large, with around 300 people taking it in the Winter semester, so even if you aren’t able to register right away for it right away for next Winter, there’s a good chance you’d be able to get off the waitlist. 
Hope this helps!
Lakshmi, PMH Advisor

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