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AvatarAlaina asked 7 months ago

Hi! I am working on planning my second semester. This semester had some challenges with class availability as I had a late registration, so the only pre-med course I was able to take was Chem 130 (still need to take 125/126). I also took PubHlth 200, as well as English and a few other courses outside the requirements. Through dual enrollment in high school, I have intro-level psych and soc credit as well. I’m planning on taking Stats250 and the Chem 125/126 lab next semester, but any other recommendations to keep me on track for the MCAT and med school would be helpful!

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AvatarBushra answered 7 months ago

Hi Alaina, 
I hope all is well! Based on the situation that you were in, it seems like you made the most out of your first semester, which I hope has been going well! For next semester, I would suggest taking the intro bio sequence. The intro bio sequence includes two courses (171 – evolution and ecology and 172 – microbiology) plus a lab component (bio 173). I would also think of potentially starting the organic chemistry or physics sequence as well. This heavily depends on how many credits it all comes out to be (I wouldn’t recommend more than 16) as well as time commitment. You can always come into advising office hours for us to think through some of these decisions more! 
I would also like to emphasize that everyone has a different route they take when it comes to the pre-reqs as it usually aligns with when individuals want to take the MCAT. If you haven’t already, I recommend creating a four-year plan for at least your pre-med prerequisites as it can create clear goals for the semesters. I hope this helped!
If you have any additional questions, go ahead and drop another question or come into office hours, we would love to help! 
Bushra – PMH Advisor

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