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Hey! I was wondering if you all have a sample schedule for a BCN major on a premed track. I have AP credit for biology, chemistry, and psychology. Thanks!

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Hi there,

We have plenty of resources for you here! There are three considerations you must make when choosing classes: classes for “pre-med” or the MCAT, classes for your major, and classes for your school (such as LSA, Engineering, Public Health, etc). Your primary advisor can help you figure out what your school’s requirements are, but these are generally things like first year writing requirement or foreign language.

To get started on pre-med classes, first, I would advise you to check out our blog post about the general requirements and planning your semester. We have several anecdotes by peer advisors about which classes paired well together and which didn’t, as well as a comprehensive list of the classes you should be thinking about.

Additionally, each of our alumni have been filling out an exit ticket for us to reflect on their pre-med experience as they graduate. Here, you will also be able to look at the schedules and paths they took, which might help you make your decision. Kiran was also a BCN major, so her schedule may help you. Lastly, this major worksheet will give you all of the required classes to take as a BCN major so you can plan ahead and also look into some of the interesting electives offered.

Pooja, Co-Pres

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