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I\\\’m a freshman who is on the premed track but I\\\’m also interested in business so I applied to Ross. Obviously, I have to get into the program first but when thinking about classes, I\\\’m not sure how I can manage both Ross and premed prereqs. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any advice/suggestions? I\\\’ve already taken orgo 1 and I\\\’m in orgo 2 right now. I plan on taking physics 1 over the summer. 

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AvatarLakshmi answered 1 year ago

Being in the BBA program while also pursuing a pre-medical track is challenging, but doable. I would advise you to map out your undergrad classes with an advisor, planning out what Ross classes you need to take and when you would be able to fit in the pre-med class requirements. The list of core Ross classes is linked here, as well as their schedules, so I would check to see what remaining pre-med reqs you have left, and how they would fit in with the BBA curriculum. This will likely be around 18 credits each semester, and it’s important to take into account when you want to study and take the MCAT. I would recommend talking to individuals in the same boat who are in the BBA program and taking the pre-med classes, and talk to pre-med + business advisors as well to see how you can accomplish both. 
It’s also important to think about what role you want business to play in your career. If you would like to get a job in business after undergrad (perhaps for your gap year), then I would recommend searching for business internships the summers after your sophomore and junior years. It can be hard to get a business internship after your freshman year, so it’s a great idea to take class or do something more pre-med related this upcoming summer. During the school year, I would recommend joining both pre-med and Ross clubs, to explore what aspect of business you like the most and how that might play into your future career.
While I’m not a BBA, I’m in the Business Minor program and I would highly recommend looking into this if you’re interested! You would apply around March of your sophomore year, and get a decision by the summer. I personally have loved the minor because it gives me a lot of flexibility for when I can take the business classes, and gives a great perspective on the various fields within Business. There’s two pre-reqs, Math 115 and Econ 101, and 5 classes that make up the minor (Marketing, Finance/TO, Accounting, Strategy, and room for one elective that you choose). You’re also free to go beyond those 5 classes and take more if you would like.
I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions, or if you would like to chat more about this!
Lakshmi, PMH Co-President

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