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I’m currently working in a research lab, but our work is in ecology, not medicine. Will med schools accept this on my application?

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AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your question. Research is meant to expand your application and allow you to deep dive into topics that you are interested in. If ecology is something you truly want to learn about, and can find a way to connect it to topics in health and medicine, go for it.


Most medical schools aren’t necessarily looking for a “recipe” or “cookie-cutter” candidate. They’re looking for well-rounded students with the ability to put in the effort to be their absolute best in the medical field. My tip for you would be to be thinking about how your research is related to the medical sciences that way in interviews and applications, you can show that your primary focus is medicine.


Hope this helps!

-Daphne, PMH Board

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