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AvatarManeet A. asked 4 weeks ago

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what humanities and race and ethnicity courses to take to fulfill the distribution requirement? I am looking to balance these distribution classes with the heavy premed course load. 

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AvatarMiranda Baumbick answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Maneet!
You can narrow down the LSA course guide to different requirements. Here is a link that has been narrowed down to race & ethnicity requirements if you’d like to take a look:
As for recommendations for specific classes,
WGS 240: Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies 

  • Has a median grade of an A
  • 3 exams plus a project, but provided with an exam review guide prior to the exam with all the terms you need to know
  • Excellent teaching staff and interesting content

ANTHRCUL 101: Introduction to Anthropology

  • Has a median grade of an A
  • 3 exams plus 2 writing assignments
  • An interesting contrast to your science courses
  • Good introduction if you are considering a medical anthropology minor

PUBHLTH 200: Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health

  • Has a median grade of an A-
  • 2 exams plus 2 writing assignments
  • mostly online format
  • Nice compliment to your science courses 

I hope this helps!
Miranda, PMH Advisor

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