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Avataranon asked 2 years ago

Hi, I’m a sophomore and so far I’ve taken Chem 130/125/126, Bio 173, and Physics 135 and am currently taking Physics 250 & Chem 210. I plan on taking the MCAT this summer so I was wondering which courses would best prepare me for the exam? I was thinking of taking Chem 215 and MCDB 310 next semester, but I believe Orgo 2 is not heavily tested so I was wondering if there’s another course (like a certain bio course for example) that would be more helpful for the MCAT? Thank you!

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AvatarLakshmi answered 2 years ago

I took the MCAT earlier in the semester, and I would highly recommend taking a Physiology course prior to taking your MCAT. I personally took Physiol 201 (Human Physiology), but I know many people take Bio 225 (Human/Animal Physiology) instead. Physiology content is on the Bio/Biochem section, so I believe that knowledge would be helpful as you prepare for the exam! Those classes certainly go into more depth than you need to know for MCAT, but it gave me a strong background for the physiology based questions that the MCAT gave me, so it’s also possible to study this content on your own. I know some individuals find Genetics to be helpful for the exam as well, but personally I was able to learn a majority of that content on my own time since I didn’t take a Genetics class prior to taking my MCAT. Some people also find a cell biology class to be helpful, since this content is also heavily tested on the exam, so I would recommend one if you have the time or feel that you could use more help on this content! I personally self-studied for cell biology, so this is also an option if you don’t have the time or space in your schedule. I also thought Chem 230 was very helpful, since that class covered a lot of the General Chemistry knowledge that showed up on my exam. But since you took the General Chemistry sequence here, I would look through the MCAT topics if you feel comfortable based on your Chem 125/126/130 knowledge! Let us know if you have any other questions, or feel free to stop by our advising hours on Sunday-Wednesday from 6-10pm!
Lakshmi, PMH Co-President

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