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I’m not in the RC living community but I was thinking of taking one of their language courses (RCLANG FRENCH 290).  I would be able to bypass the last two semesters of French faster and would be able to fit at least one or two more French courses during my time here. However, I’m worried at the course work and how one grade could basically make up most of my semester gpa since it’s 8 credits. Do any of you guys have experience taking these courses. 
For reference, I also wanted to take chem 210/211,  sociology, an ALA class, and Bio 173 (haven’t taken Bio 172 yet).  

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AvatarIsabel answered 3 years ago

Hi Sophie!
I am a senior in the RC and took 3 semesters of RC Spanish! Over those 3 semesters, I also completed Bio171, Bio172, Bio 173, Chem 210, and Chem 211, so hopefully I can shed some light on what that semester might look like for you! I do want to preface this post by saying that I do not know how grading works for non-RC students taking RC languages. I reached out to my advisor and will let you know when I get an answer back!
That being said, in my experience RC languages courses are a lot of work, but I found them to be worth it. Because the classes meet more frequently (usually 8 times a week), there is daily homework. This is very different from the structure of other college courses and it does take up a lot of time. That being said, homework assignments were never extremely difficult and I felt as though the frequency of the class helped a lot with my language proficiency compared to my friends taking LSA Spanish. This may be beneficial if you are interested in taking upper level French courses as you mentioned. I also found that upper level literature Spanish courses are easier, so it was nice to have the 4 semesters of language requirement out of the way as I began to take harder pre-med classes.
As far as GPA, RC students are required to take their RC language courses pass/fail. Because of this, the class has a large focus on practical language skills and professors are less nit-picky about specific grammar structures, etc. This made my semester a lot less stressful. I looked on the LSA/RC websites for you, and it looks like non-RC students have to take this course for a grade, but I cannot find a definitive answer so I would reach out to your advisor. If you do have to take it for a grade, I would not worry too much about this class contributing too much to your semester GPA. Your grade is based on many different factors and I was able to get As on most assignments! 
As far as your overall schedule, I took RC Spanish II (the equivalent of RCLANG 290) while taking Bio 172, Bio 173 and a 3-credit seminar. In total, I was taking 16 credits. I would not recommend taking more than 16 with RC French, especially because this will equate to a lot of in-class time each week. I would recommend postponing Bio 173 until later because it has significant out-of-lab work. I would recommend pushing another class back as well, either SOC or ALA. Chem 210 and RC French are both going to require a lot of work, so I would recommend taking only one additional easier course. 
I hope this gave you a better perspective of the RC language courses and taking them in conjunction with Chem 210/211. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!
Best of Luck 🙂

AvatarPre-Med Hub Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Sophie! I just heard back from the academic director at the RC. He confirmed with me that RCLANG 290 (French Intensive 2) is mandatory pass/fail for all students and that it will fulfill LSA language requirement even as a non-RC student. For me, taking a class P/F was a great opportunity to focus on improving my practical skills without the pressure of grading. It was also nice to be able to focus on my pre-med req grades, especially for Chem 210! If you have any additional questions about taking a language P/F as a pre-med student, please let us know!  Isabel

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