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AvatarBrendan Schuler asked 3 years ago

I was wondering if any of you have experience taking an equivalent of chem 230 (P-Chem) at a community college? I have been having trouble figuring out exactly what the equivalent would be, as most colleges have Gen Chem I and Gen Chem II instead of our Gen Chem and P-Chem class.

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AvatarLindsay answered 3 years ago

Hi Brendan,
Thank you for your question!
CHEM 230 at U of M serves as a second semester of general chemistry for the purpose of medical school prerequisites. Thus, general chemistry II at another school should fill a requirement that CHEM 230 would also fill. If you are curious about what chemistry classes have historically transfered in as CHEM 230, please check out U of M’s transfer equivalency website.
I hope this answered your question, but feel free to reply with follow up questions or meet us on our live-chat on Sunday-Wednesday from 6-10 PM.
Lindsay (Alumni)

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