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AvatarSam asked 3 years ago

I have a question about how to list my publication on AMCAS work/activities section. I have only one publication and I did not talk about it in any other parts of my application. I’ve decided to list it as a separate entity; however, I was not sure about what to write in the description box. so, I listed the options that I thought I could write in the box below. Which one do you think I should choose? Thanks!

  1. Citation of my paper in AMA style + brief summery of the paper
  2. Citation of my paper in AMA style alone
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AvatarCaitlin Alindogan answered 3 years ago

It would probably be beneficial to do option 1, and provide a brief description of your paper alongside the citation, much like an annotated bibliography. The admissions panel will likely appreciate that you didn’t just throw in a citation of the paper. Also, since you’re listing the publication as a separate entry, you would have approx. 700 words to elaborate on it anyways, so it wouldn’t hurt to put the very brief summary of your paper after it’s citation.
Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to do a quick google search or check out reddit/student doctor network concerning your question. Also, Pre-health advising office hours have opened back up so you could ask them for a 2nd opinion.
Take care and let us know if you have any more questions!
Caitlin, PMH Advisor

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