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Avataranon asked 2 years ago

I was wondering if Psych 112 (psychology as a natural science)counts as part of the science GPA. I know Psych 111 would probably not because it is a social science and AAMCAS is strict about counting it as a social science, but Psych 112 at Umich counts for a science breadth, so I am wondering if that would count for science GPA? Thanks

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AvatarLeen answered 2 years ago

As far as I know, psychology classes are not considered as part of your science GPA (psych 111 for example). Psych 112 is listed as a natural science at UM so I believe it would count for your UM science GPA. However, when you apply for medical school, AAMC converts your GPA based on their standards. This means they likely won’t count it in your GPA. I would recommend double-checking with a Newnan pre-health advisor just in case. Also, if you are looking to take a psych class for the MCAT, Psych 111 is sufficient enough!
Let us know if you have any other questions!
Leen, PMH Advisor

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