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Hello! Has anyone taken PSYCH 345 – Intro to Human Neuropsychology? How manageable was the workload for this class? I am deciding on whether or not to take it with the rest of my classes next semester, as I will be taking heavy STEM-based classes like PHYS 150/151 and BIOLOGY 225.

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AvatarNick Pfeifer answered 1 year ago

I have not taken Psych 345 but just recently graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. I looked on the LSA course guide Atlas and found that the median grade is an A, with almost 85% of the class getting at least an A- (https://atlas.ai.umich.edu/course/PSYCH%20345/). There was no data on workload, but I also checked rate my professor, and it looks like Dr. Hardee has received generally good reviews for this course (~4/5).
Having a heavy workload with at least two stem classes per semester is pretty much inevitable as a pre-med/pre-health student, and in this case, I think adding Psych 345 would be totally fine based on the stats above, especially if you are interested in it (as a former Psych major, I say go for it!).
Hope this helps,
-PMH Advisor

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