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Avataranonymous asked 3 years ago

hello,  for the mcat, would taking psych 230 be more beneficial than social 100? or vice versa? also, I was wondering if it is mandatory to take soc 100 in the first place and will med schools take it seriously if you do not take soc 100 at all? Thanks 

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AvatarOwen Doane answered 3 years ago

The answer to your first question depends on your educational background. If you’ve already taken Psych 111 (or have AP Credit), I would recommend taking Soc 100 before the MCAT, as the MCAT content you learn in Psych 230 can be manageably self-taught with only Psych 111 knowledge, in my opinion. That being said, the amount of sociology you need to know for the MCAT that you’ll learn in Soc 100 can also be self-taught without too much stress, we just recommend taking it before the MCAT so you can have at least a little exposure to the subject. If you have time and aren’t in a rush to take the MCAT, I would say take them both if you can, but otherwise I think you should consider what classes you’ve already taken, as well as what genuinely interests you!
To answer your second question, medical schools that have strict prerequisite requirements will very rarely have a sociology class as a requirement, if at all. However, most medical schools have transitioned toward “competencies” rather than course requirements, and a few of them do like to see a sociological-based competency. This can be fulfilled by taking Soc 100, or you can demonstrate your competency in another way! Soc 100 is typically taken by pre-med students to prepare for the MCAT, and if that’s your reason for taking it, I would suggest looking into Soc 302 instead, as it is geared towards life sciences and pre-health students.
If you want to discuss your situation in person, we would be happy to help at our in person advising hours at the UGLI!
Owen (PMH Advisor)

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